small nuclear RNA

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small nu·cle·ar RNA (snRNA),

small RNA (that is, about 90-300 nucleotides long) in the nucleus believed to have a role in RNA processing and cellular architecture.
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small nuclear RNA (snRNA)

short eucaryotic RNA molecule found in the nucleus, involved in the SPLICING of specific types of INTRON in PRIMARY mRNA molecules. Also called U-RNA, since it is rich in URIDINE NUCLEOTIDES.
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Alternative processing of the U2 small nuclear RNA produces a 19-22nt fragment with relevance for the detection of non-small cell lung cancer in human serum.
Recently, repair of defective splicing by small nuclear RNAs (SnRNAs), as a therapeutic agent, was proposed.
Highly abundant snoRNAs are found in all cells, are ubiquitously expressed, and function in the maturation and modification of other ncRNAs, such as rRNAs and small nuclear RNAs (26).

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