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Produced by Small Fry Productions, Atlanta, Georgia.
Chippie chief Sammy Cameron is no small fry on the fish supper circuit.
the big guy), LeDray takes up the viewpoint of the small fry, and it's not funny anymore.
Although still small fry themselves, they are venture capitalists (i.
He said: "When you are considering the 120kg, the rest is small fry.
Alastair Cook insisted on playing in the tour match at the MCG, only to make scores of 27 and 10 - small fry compared with his prolific run-making in the Brisbane and Adelaide Tests.
This just proves that when it comes to a bonus it is one rule for the rulers and another for the small fry who do the work.
BORO are small fry compared to the big money earning clubs.
This week, Crawford convinces his boss that Louise is small fry and they'd be better off keeping an eye on her.
When seen against Britain's all-time most-watched TV, Big Brother is small fry.
Astronomers say that they now have a compelling case of a big galaxy caught in the act of eating a small fry.
And for parents and grandparents who want to share quality entertainment experiences with their small fry.

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