small arteries

small ar·ter·ies

unnamed muscular arteries, usually with fewer than six or seven layers of muscle.
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Atherosclerosis, which is the progressive narrowing of the big and small arteries of the body, is not a disease entity by itself.
The problems accentuated when the wardens diverted traffic from major roads to residential colonies and small arteries.
Strict security arrangements were made by the police and all adjacent routes and small arteries linked to The Mall were closed for all kind of traffic.
What name is given to the minute blood vessels that connect small arteries with small veins?
Conclusion: Long-term estrogen deficiency results in a shift in ECM profiles and diminished MMPs activities, leading to remodeling of small arteries, which may be associated with postmenopausal hypertension.
These then produce an inflammation of small arteries in the meninges, which stimulate platelet aggregation and serotonin release, potentiating the migraine process.
The neglected cause of stroke: intracranial occlusion of the small arteries.
This is caused by small-vessel disease--often called microvascular disease--in which the walls of the small arteries in the heart are damaged; or a series of small strokes, or a major stroke.
High blood sugar levels damage the delicate lining of small arteries leading to restriction of circulation to the legs.
Micro thromboemboli are thought to be showered downstream after plaque rupture, leading to the obstruction of small arteries and arterioles.
The disease usually affects medium and small arteries and veins of the upper and lower extremities.

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