small arteries

small ar·ter·ies

unnamed muscular arteries, usually with fewer than six or seven layers of muscle.
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Walking will encourage small arteries in the legs to enlarge and improve blood flow, he said.
Limitations include distal torturous arteries, which are not easily accessed by large and rigid delivery systems; small arteries (<6 mm), which can thrombose during covered stent placement (5); and the lack of appropriate proximal and distal landing zones.
Bryan Fry said that his team's results point to entirely new forms of anticoagulants in the venom, as well as novel molecules that cause dilation of the small arteries near the skin.
However, the plaque burden that produces significantly impaired circulation in the small arteries of the penis may cause only 30% to 40% occlusion of the larger coronary, internal carotid, and femoral arteries.
Michelle, was diagnosed in March 2010 with incurable Wegener's granulomatosis, which causes inflammation of small arteries and veins.
Small arteries form a key element in the pathogenesis.
Boston Scientific acquired the Vessix technology a year ago, drawn by a procedure that can be done quickly and in small arteries.
The patient develops bleeding spots in his eyes due to the breaking of the small arteries and vessels in the eyes.
Conventional arteriogram, on the other hand, has the ability to visualize small arteries and can aid in the planning of surgery especially with selective posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis arteries angiogram.
Arterial compliance of the large and small arteries was not affected by the 8 month Yoga training in healthy premenopausal women.
In addition, previous work has suggested that structural alterations in the walls of small arteries are the most potent predictor of cardiovascular diseases, suggesting that early identification of these changes is important.
Purpose/Hypothesis: The myogenic response, which is the tendency of small arteries to constrict in response to elevation of intravascular pressure and dilation after a decrease in intravascular pressure, is diminished with advancing age.

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