small arteries

small ar·ter·ies

unnamed muscular arteries, usually with fewer than six or seven layers of muscle.
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Request TOC of this Report- Nephrosclerosis is the hardening of the walls of small arteries and arterioles of the kidney.
Interventional radiologists perform GAE for knee pain by inserting catheters through a pinhole-sized incision in the leg and injecting particles that block the very small arteries or capillaries within the lining of the knee.
Though the irrigation department in the recent past repaired some of these canals but still local farmers complain about limited quantity of water due to damaged and leaked canals and small arteries.
Most hypertension-related brain hemorrhages are spontaneous and occur in the small arteries deep in the brain.
A new study now finds that it is associated with an increase in the risk of having a stroke caused by a blocked artery, especially small arteries.
But researchers from the University of Southern California say that capillaries, the tiniest vessels in the body that link small arteries and veins, begin seeping years before the toxic proteins appear.
The size of the coronary arteries typically determines the treatment options in the management of coronary artery disease as small arteries may cause anastomotic difficulties during bypass grafting and can influence the outcome in procedures such as stenting and balloon angioplasty.
Due to small size of penile arteries than coronary arteries, an equal-sized atherosclerotic plaque should occlude small arteries earlier, so that early occluded artery will give early symptoms as ED.11
He also directed to eliminate encroachments from the surroundings of river and complete cleansing process of small arteries.
Atherosclerosis, which is the progressive narrowing of the big and small arteries of the body, is not a disease entity by itself.
Strict security arrangements were made by the police and all adjacent routes and small arteries linked to The Mall were closed for all kind of traffic.
Calcific uremic arteriolopathy can be characterized by obstructive vasculopathy, with calcification of small arteries and arterioles resulting in luminal occlusion and subsequently cutaneous necrosis [1].

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