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(slō) [AS. slaw, dull]
1. Mentally dull.
2. Exhibiting retarded speed, as the pulse.
3. Said of a morbid condition or of a fever when it is not acute.
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Q. What is considered a slow heartbeat? I am a 30 year old woman and I went for a routine checkup at my Doctor's. He checked my pulse and it was 52 beats per minute. Is this considered slow? All my family members have a faster beat of 65- 90 beats per minute. If it is slow, is it bad?

A. If the heartbeat is too slow, usually considered a rate below 60 beats a minute, not enough oxygen-rich blood flows through the body. The symptoms of a slow heartbeat are:

Fainting or near fainting

However, some people with slow heartbeat don't have any symptoms at all. Regular exercise can also result in a slow heartbeat. This happens because the exercise has actually strengthened the heart to the point where it can beat less often and still perform its job effectively. I am not a doctor, but it seems to me that in this case the slow heartbeat is not a cause for concern. If it troubles you, consult your doctor and see what he/she thinks about it.

Q. How can alzheimer's disease be slowed down? My father has alzheimer's disease, but only not for a long time. Is it still possible to stop it from progressing? how to do it? He is still ok, recognizing everybody just not remember many things.

A. There are several drugs (including choline esterase inhibitors etc.) using to slow down mild-moderate Alzheimer’s disease, although these medications can't totally prevent the progression of the disease. Vitamin E is also generally recommended to Alzheimer disease patients. However, these drugs must be prescribed by a doctor so consulting one may be wise.

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Q. How is it possible to have permanent weight loss if dieting slows down metabolism? well, i know that eating less will have the body adjust to the new calorie intake and thus, no further weight loss. So how is it possible to have permanent weight loss if eating less doesn't work? Please give tips and suggestions, people who have successfully lost weight. thanks so much!

A. That is why you need to cycle every few weeks. Change things up and shock your body because it does plateau. But if you challenge yourself every so often you will see results continuously.

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and Texas officials] for slowness and inefficiency because of their failure to solve these crimes quickly."
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They further criticised the MPs' slowness in examining the draft Local Government Code.
A spokesman for her mum Kate, pictured left, and dad Gerry said that the slowness of the investigation was "taking its toll".
With a strange slowness, with an almost intimidating quietness and distanced intransigence, an unfamiliar city unfolds before our eyes, making the drive an adventure and keeping one's gaze glued to the monitor, fascinated.
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