slow release

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slow re·lease

(SR) (slō rĕ-lēs')
Generally used to refer to that pharmacologic property that causes medication to be spread slowly into the circulation, rather than all at once.
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Contract awarded for 1) 5698ns01-relay plug in type style ac led lamp proving relay unit with in built current transformer type , slow release neutral line relay 4f/4b contacts, front and back contacts, metal to carbon shall be sui;
However, Meister-20, Meister-27, Duration Polymer Coated Urea Type-V and Uber-10 had lower loss of NH3-N due to slow release property and this character could be beneficial for supplying nutrients to next season crop.
The second experiment was designed to evaluate the effects of two different polymer-coated slow release urea at two levels on average daily gain (ADG), rib-eye area, and backfat thickness of Nellore steers (Exp 2).
VMT-based SAPs with slow release function of urea were prepared by FP and their water absorbency, slow-release behavior and effects on the lawn germination were investigated.
Abstract Slow release fertilizers (SRFs) are of vital importance to improve agricultural efficiency.
This market covers aerosols, slow release, plug in, fragrance kits and other household air fresheners, scented candles and car air fresheners.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the in vitro effects of slow release urea on gas production and degradation of dry matter and neutral detergent fiber for alfalfa hay oat straw and corn silage and Stover.
According to Glico, the result of Cluster Dextrin's slow release is superior carbohydrate absorption and superior endurance.
A CAMPAIGN for Rowse honey has been banned for making a "misleading" claim that it is a natural source of slow release energy.
With this in mind it is reasonable to hypothesise that the slow release from the device would increase F concentrations in saliva and possibly plaque or at least reduce loss of accumulated fluoride from plaque biofilm layers.
Packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as slow release energy, potatoes are naturally healthy in every way.