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With a gesture of impotent fury, he dashed away in the direction of an equally excited crowd, that on a point of the slope nearer the island were gesticulating and shouting to a second group of men, who on the opposite shore were clambering on over the choked debris of the flume that had dammed and diverted the current.
Half-way up the slope Mattie stumbled against some unseen obstruction and clutched his sleeve to steady herself.
The regularity with which their length diminished served to indicate that somewhere up the slope the last line would be so short as to have scarcely length at all, and that beyond could come only a point.
Pocket"--for so the man familiarly addressed the imaginary point above him on the slope, crying out:
Before him was the smooth slope, spangled with flowers and made sweet with their breath.
The book outlines how you collect reliable data, prepare a geotechnical model, use data for stability analysis, apply that in mine development, and monitor the performance of the mine slopes," Read said.
Although limit equilibrium analysis is widely used and is a simple method to assess the stability of the slopes, it is often inadequate if the slope fails via complex mechanisms (e.
Mowing the grass on slopes requires extra measures of care and caution.
The phenomenon of slope slide was investigated by many authors [8, 9], but the above mentioned peculiarities of clay slopes up to now were left without any attention [7].
According to Sme, skiers in the Jasna Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras) on both sides of the Chopok peak have 41 ski slopes, more than 50 kilometres long in total, at their disposal.
Reference [4] has conducted an extensive research in attempt to determine the failure threshold in terms of shear strength whereby a set of 227 shear strength parameters were obtained from 29 failed slopes in Penang Island and Baling and another set of 35 shear strength parameter were obtained from 10 stable slopes within the same said location.