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A long, narrow opening, incision, or aperture.


A narrow opening.

dorsal slit

A surgical procedure to make the foreskin of the penis easily retractable. The foreskin is cut in the dorsal midline but not far enough to extend into the mucous membrane next to the glans.

vestibular slit

The opening between the left and right ventricular folds of the larynx.
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Because we use the machine for our own internal purposes, customers can be confident in the consistent quality of our slitting service," he says.
Having tackled format flexibility upstream in the sheeting process through rapid automated reel changes and push-button variations in slitting width, sheeting equipment manufacturers have focused on introducing solutions that allow the mill to make frequent changes to cut-off length in the shortest possible time.
Today, with more than a century of experience manufacturing millions of slitting knives and innovative slitting system designs, Dienes continues moving forward.
The planner can then stipulate the arbor layout, OD breaks, as well as further slitting specific functions like run full or partial, slit and re-slit, and trim.
This involved using longer blades to increase the dwell time, while slitting at a lower temperature to avoid crystallizing the film and making a brittle seal.
The Universal X6 slitting machine was one part of this investment.
50 truck journeys will be necessary for it to deliver the steel to the slitting plant 45km away; there, the coil is being craned off, slit, and delivered to FPS s customer.
Fitted with a crush, shear or razor blade cutting system, the Orion G 1000 mm benefits from all the same technologies of the company's standard Orion, including an integrated unwinder for mother rolls 1,000 mm in width, 700 mm diameter, unwinding tension control through a pneumatic brake, braking torque automatically adjusted when diameter decreases to keep a constant tension for the slitting operation, diameter measurement done by an analog ultrasonic cell, precise guiding of the material before entering the slitting zone, center surface rewinding technology with permanent contact between daughter rolls and the main drawing roll to minimize winding torque, etc.