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A long, narrow opening, incision, or aperture.
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A narrow opening.

dorsal slit

A surgical procedure to make the foreskin of the penis easily retractable. The foreskin is cut in the dorsal midline but not far enough to extend into the mucous membrane next to the glans.

vestibular slit

The opening between the left and right ventricular folds of the larynx.
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The Premier Slit Lamp Imaging Course will feature guest speaker, Steve Thomson, Slit Lamp Imaging Specialist, Haag-Streit Diagnostics, alongside other experts in the field, who will offer advice on how to get the most from your imaging module and will provide insights into the clinical importance of high-quality slit lamp images.
From the fabric, cut two upper-sleeve fronts, two lower-sleeve fronts, two sleeve backs and the remaining pieces according to the pattern guidesheet, transferring all pattern markings including the slit marks.
(4) Statistics consisted of patients with SLIT and other immunotherapy combined, which cannot be separated.
As shown in Figure 2, the left side is the slit pipe, and its longitudinal section is along the diameter direction, and the right side is the detailed description of the slit pipe's cross section, where A is the longitudinal side view of the slit pipe with a certain width of the cutting seam, and B is the cross section of the slit pipe, while 1 is the loading part, 2 is the air medium, 3 is the slit pipe, 4 is the hole wall, and 5 is the rock particle with a distance R away from the center of the explosive bag.
Of the 37 subjects who completed the study, 32 (86%) safely ingested more than 300 mg of peanut and 12 (32%) passed the oral food challenge at the end of SLIT therapy.
(15) A fourth SLIT product (Odactra) was approved by the FDA in March 2017 for house dust mite-induced AR, with or without conjunctivitis.
In the present case, a previously healthy young male with no history of gastrointestinal disease or concomitant medical treatment experienced vigorous and refractory gastroesophageal reflux with debut coincidently with administration of SLIT. The patient only had a history of childhood asthma; however, after the age of eight, he never received treatment.
Aging has no effect on SLIT's efficacy, according to a 2012 placebo-controlled, double-blind Polish study led by A.
Results: The results of the study revealed that out of 48 clinically suspected patients of leprosy skin biopsy confirmed the diagnosis in 34 patients (70.8%) and the slit skin smear had diagnostic accuracy of 68.75% with sensitivity 55.8% and specificity and positive predictive value of 100%.
The slit S1 has a width that is equal to double the wavelength used.
Physicists generally assume that the striped pattern depends only on the light traveling through slit A or slit B.
* The effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma is now thoroughly established.