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Whether or not Gardner committed the murder of which he was convicted, his case is an example of the slipshod justice meted out to people on death row, who are overwhelmingly poor.
And Peter Maas, writing in the May 1993 issue of Esquire, argues that Summers may have been too credulous and slipshod in his research.
The USDA should be called to account for its slipshod methods and the animals who have suffered as a result.
Secretarial staff was demonstrating slipshod work and poor attendance.
The story was based on slipshod reporting and reliance on the innuendo of short sellers with a large short position in the Company, who stood to make significant financial gains should ESI stock price decline sharply.
Murray reckons most of Scottish football was hoping there would be a massive shock and he knows his Stark's Park outfit could easily have served up what everyone wanted because of a slipshod first-half performance.
The meningitis outbreak that was traced to the former New England Compounding Center in Framingham was the result of serious deficiencies at the pharmacy itself, combined with slipshod state procedures in conducting inspections and failure to follow up on complaints.
I often find that doctors and nurses that are slipshod in their notes are slipshod in their duties.
Last year's runners-up ran in 10 tries against a disappointing Halifax side, who never recovered from a slipshod first half after which they trailed 22-0.
London, Aug 28 ( ANI ): G4S, which is the firm behind the London Olympics security fiasco, has claimed it had lost around 50 million pounds on the slipshod contract.
Two moments of slipshod defending and another two goals conceded on the break, cost the Sandgrounders dear while Matty McGinn was sent off after fouling United's Matt West when the forward bared down on goal.
The Scotland international pounced on a cutback from strike partner Mark Burchill to make St Johnstone pay for some slipshod defending after only 15 minutes.