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slink calves, slinks

unborn calves retrieved at the abattoir. Their meat, slink veal, is not authorized for consumption in most countries. Their skins are valuable because they are so fine and clean.
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Slink then reveals how Heart Enterprises manage to devastate both cities.
v=Tm1iqygNwKI) sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Slink explains to Arthur that the Primo tribute ceremony is "like the Olympics, the Emmys, the Fourth of July and a coronation all rolled into one.
McCain slinks off There was some confusion in the aftermath of the selling hurdle won by Jim Tango as auctioneer Alan Brereton announced that the winner would not be subject to VAT.
Arthur and Grace, on the other hand, have no plans to back out, as both of them are honoring the deal they made with Slink last episode.
Amidst the strut and slink and glitter, one couple stands out, Carlos Vera and Laura Marcarie.
In some performances, as the men pull apart, their races instinctively crush together yet again for a moment before they slink together off the stage.
Without having time to slowly slink away, the now rudely unanchored charges discharge via a lightning bolt.
Ben Slink, director of procurement for Transmatic, says, "We have 40 or 50 different material specifications, and we have to create hybrid type specs that we need to quote for people all over the world.
com/blood-drive-star-colin-cunningham-playing-slink-its-winning-lottery-2570591) READ: "Blood Drive" star Colin Cunningham talks playing Julian Slink
Watching sleek stars like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow slink along the red carpet gets most women dreaming about looking that good at their own black tie events.
He even goes so far as to affect a fake British accent for ``These Things,'' a song that rumbles with a chilly sense of impending doom and whose rubbery beats black-clad goths are sure to embrace as they slink onto the dance floor.
As revealed at the end of Season 1, episode 7, Slink (Colin Cunningham) instructed his underling, Rasher (Carel Nel), to change the coordinates for Arthur and Grace.