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Patient discussion about Slims

Q. Don't you hate it when you feel so slim and skinny one day. Don't you hate it when you feel so slim and skinny one day and then you are standing next to someone who's just so slim it's gross but you still feel bad about yourself even though you took effort and you couldn’t?

A. I have a cousin with a 2 year old and she is teeeeeeny. I always have self esteem issues when I'm around her and I hate it, because I DON'T want to look like her. I want to look like me. So I don't know why I even worry and there is a woman at our gym "Anorexic Annie" is what we call her. She is super super super tiny. Could probably fit in my 3 year olds clothes....well I compare myself to her all the time. I don't want to look like that, but standing next to her I feel huge fat and disgusting!

Q. Hi! I am Kennedy.From my childhood I have always been dreaming of slim body. Hi! I am Kennedy. From my childhood I have always been dreaming of slim body and in fact I was slim before my wedding. But after my pregnancy and delivery, I lost my shape and I am desperate to regain my shape. I tried with post-pregnancy exercises, but they didn’t help me. I am open to any kind of treatment to get shape. I hate to hang out with my hubby as I feel inferior with my shape. I feel my muscles are not tight for my age. I just want to feel good for which I need to get shape. So what kind of fitness classes shall I join? I am not comfortable with body pumping…….Please let me know?

A. You can join Aerobic classes where they will have spinning and other exercises to make your body toned up and as well will control on your weight and blown tummy. Even though you don’t like on body pumping you must do them for some time till you find some control on your tummy. One other way is to start on running or sit-ups. Eat healthy diet esp. balanced diet and cut down on junk food, fried food and include whole-grain and fiber in your diet. Add more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. I think your activity is not matching your calorie intake otherwise with simple post-pregnancy exercise you could lose extra fat.

Q. I want to live long, slim as well as handsome, is it possible to live off of nutrition supplements? I am slim and handsome even when I am not taking nutrition’s much. But because of my peer and parents pressure I am forced to it. I am afraid that of becoming fat and ugly if I start eating more. But I want to live long, slim as well as handsome, is it possible to live off of nutrition supplements?


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