encephalitis lethargica

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E·con·o·mo von San Serff dis·ease

(ē-kon-ō'mō von sahn serf),
a unique encephalitis, presumably viral in origin, which followed the influenza pandemic of 1914-1918. Symptoms included ophthalmoplegia and marked somnolence, and in many survivors, the delayed development of Parkinson disease; the basis for postencephalitic Parkinsonism.
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encephalitis lethargica

A viral epidemic encephalitis marked by apathy, paralysis of the extrinsic eye muscle, and extreme muscular weakness. It occurred in various parts of the world between 1915 and 1926. Also called sleeping sickness.
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encephalitis lethargica

A disease of unknown cause that occurred world-wide in the 1920s affecting millions of people, especially in Europe. There was paralysis of the eye muscles and a striking tendency to sleepiness. A high proportion of those who survived developed Parkinsonism within months or years. It was also known as ‘sleeping sickness’ or ‘von Economo's disease’.
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von Economo,

Constantin, Austrian neurologist, 1876-1931.
Economo disease - Synonym(s): von Economo disease
von Economo disease - the basis for postencephalitic parkinsonism, suspected to be of viral origin. Synonym(s): Economo disease; encephalitis lethargica; polioencephalitis infectiva; sleeping sickness
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