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People see others getting sleeping tablets and come to expect the same for themselves.
I get exhausted and went to my doctor, but she would not give me sleeping tablets. I've tried a lot of herbal tablets and a bracelet to help me sleep, but nothing works.
So I really don't see it's an issue that some of the England players took sleeping tablets the night before the rearranged game against Poland in Warsaw.
Patients are being weaned off sleeping tablets in a major campaign to reduce dependency on the prescribed drugs in Darlington.
The court heard the businessman, who runs a familyowned firm employing 13 people, "completely blacked out" after mixing drink with an Ambien sleeping tablet.
Though the cause of death was said to be hanging, he also had a toxic level of sleeping tablets in his system.
Ex-Man United star Wayne was held at Washington airport last month, blaming mixing sleeping tablets with booze for his behaviour.
The footballer claimed his arrest on December 16 came after he was left "disorientated" by taking prescribed sleeping tablets on the flight while drinking.
IN our practice - and I'm sure we are not alone - we are trying to reduce our prescribing of sleeping tablets. Some patients of ours who have been taking them for years get very edgy when we suggest a slow wean off them.
PAUL Gascoigne has dismissed suggestions he was drunk during an appearance on Soccer AM, saying sleeping tablets were the cause of him having to leave the show early.
The former Rangers hero insisted he had taken sleeping tablets before going on air.
PAUL Gascoigne cut a TV turn short yesterday, blaming it on feeling unwell after taking too many sleeping tablets.