sleeping pill

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sleeping pill

A drug in the form of a pill or capsule used to relieve insomnia.
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Q. does sleeping pills addictive? and is it ok health wise?

A. Most sleeping pills are addictive and it is advised to consult a doctor before starting any treatment, for the best treatment plan and what doses you should use.

Q. I dont want to take sleeping pills but how do I fix this!? I have been sleeping on and off for a long time. I have taken sleeping pills once because I really needed the sleep, but I have just been letting it happen because I dont want to become addicted to sleeping pills. My mind doesnt stop! I toss and turn, sleep an hour, lie awake another... Some way to help this without medicine?! Please and thank you.

A. There is Valerian (it can be strong)also Hops (a potpori) bag under your pillow ,if it is hot or where your pain if you have it Liac is good to spray under the covers ,I don't know if their is a law again yet Kava Kava (look for high Kavalectones)is verty relaxing ,I figure if someone found out it can relax people it will be made illegal .With Valerian mix Hops and Peppermint leaves and flowers (Peppermint is for your stomach also) I worked when I was 16 for Dr Wu a very old Chinese Herbalogist he would travel to the patients house,because each person is differebnt with different needs . I do know yoga is wonderful and it got my wifes figure b ack for her after babies ,many Healthfood Stores have experts in Herbalogy and other things that will help you sleep ,but be it a pill from the Doc or the inocuous herbal tea try not to use every night and if your Doc is worth (his or her ,I have 9 specialist ,therapist NPs I see and all are women and I have the best health care I ever had

Q. Need Help.I could not enjoy the blessings of nature. I have sleep problem which affects me to a great extent. Hi friends, I need your help. I could not enjoy the blessings of nature. I have sleep problem which affects me to a great extent. Is there any remedy that I can try other than sleeping pills?

A. Many things can interfere with sleep ranging from anxiety to an unusual work schedule. But people who have difficulty in sleeping often discover that their daily routine holds the key to night-time woes.

? Cut down on caffeine.
? Stop smoking or chewing tobacco.
? Use alcohol cautiously
? Avoid a sedentary life
? Improve your sleep surroundings.
? Keep a regular schedule
? Keep a sleep diary
? Use strategic naps

If you try all the above suggestions and still have sleep problem, talk to your health-care provider.

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The findings, published in the Journal of Geriatrics & Gerontology International, suggest that sleeping pill use may be an indicator of a future need for greater hypertension treatment and the need to investigate underlying sleep disorders or unhealthy lifestyles that may contribute to hypertension.
She added: "He is deeply ashamed of his actions, but one thing he did tell me was that he had taken a sleeping pill and he was under the influence of that when the offence occurred."
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Jones, it's time for your sleeping pill," may not be quite as far-fetched as it sounds.
This so-called "natural" sleeping pill, once sold in health-food stores, is an amino acid (one of the essential building blocks of protein).
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