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A nonspecific term for a relationship which strives for balance, equality and mutual respect, and in which information, power and responsibility are shared by two or more actual or legal persons.

An NHS management word used in the context of a Trust’s achievement of Practice Plus on the journey to becoming a Model Employer. Partnership is essential, both internally (in relationships developed with staff-side colleagues) and externally (when working across organisations (trusts)), or when collaborating across strategic health authority boundaries.

Accountable health partnership, see there.


n 1. the association of two or more persons for the purpose of carrying on business (or practice) together and dividing its profits.
n 2. a legal, binding contract defining the association of two or more persons in a business or professional relationship such as a dental practice.
partnership, notice of dissolution of intelligence,
n by any of a variety of means, notice to creditors and the public that a partnership has been dissolved.
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Almost 38 percent admitted that either they or their sleeping partner have slept on the floor or in a chair instead of in their bed in order to relieve back pain.
The presenter from Newtownards, Co Down, sets out her clothes, including her underwear, the night before to help her with the 3am wake-up calls and so not to disturb her sleeping partner.
Many people blame the lack of obtaining quality ZZZs on someone else: nearly 60 percent of couples who responded to the survey say that their sleeping partner does something that prevents them from sleeping.
When asked whether it was difficult to sleep when a spouse or sleeping partner had a cold or flu, 45 percent of respondents said yes.
PAUL BENSON has a new sleeping partner after hitting a hat-trick for the Daggers.
And coincidentally, Paddy also acquires a new sleeping partner as he reluctantly agrees to go into business with Rosemary.
We do not want SMEs to be sleeping partners," he said, noting that the trips are part of the OCCI's 'Join Us to Rise' campaign that is dedicated to SMEs.
While Bob and Neeta will be sleeping partners, Dave and Geeta are looking to cook up a storm at the restaurant, which will create 16 jobs when it opens next month.
Several lifestyle triggers such as high stress levels among working couples, late marriage, deferred childbirth, long use of contraceptives and multiple sleeping partners are leading to rise in infertility," Dr Madhu Goel, senior gynaecologist, Rockland Hospital, said.
I dread to think who the sleeping partners would be in these industries or who has a hand in ensuring fair distribution of the relevant lucrative contracts.
However People Sport understands there could be more members - from the property world - who will either be sleeping partners or directors.
We will not be sleeping partners in this deal but will be active and supportive in any way we can.