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But, some evidence suggests that it is effective in treating delayed sleep-phase syndrome with short-term use," he noted.
A common type of circadian rhythm disorder is delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS).
For some disorders such as sleep walking, night terrors and delayed sleep-phase syndrome in adolescents, appropriate management is briefly described.
Elderly people often experience advanced sleep-phase syndrome, going to bed at 7 p.
The software program offers step-by-step lessons on obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and delayed sleep-phase syndrome, which are among the most common sleep-related conditions affecting millions of people world-wide.
There are three types of chronic circadian rhythm disorders: (1) delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS); (2) advanced sleep-phase syndrome (ASPS); and (3) irregular sleep-wake cycle.
Conversely, young people often experience delayed sleep-phase syndrome, in which they go to bed late and have trouble getting up and out in the morning.
Harris was afflicted by Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome (DSPS), a chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorder which disrupts the timing of sleep, peak periods of alertness, core body temperature, hormonal and other daily rhythms.