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The effect of experimental sleep fragmentation on error monitoring.
Chronic sleep fragmentation induces endothelial dysfunction and structural vascular changes in mice," Sleep, vol.
No characteristic association between cognitive deficit and measures of night time hypoxia or sleep fragmentation was observed.
Sleep fragmentation impairs ventilatory long-term facilitation via adenosine A1 receptors.
Sleep apnea-related cognitive impairment in TBI may reflect the hypoxia that accompanies sleep apnea events, with some additional impairment resulting from sleep fragmentation and daytime sleepiness [68].
A good sleep of adequate duration is essential because the sleep fragmentation and sleep deprivation commonly seen in contemporary society are associated with multiple health disorders, including cardiovascular diseases.
It has been shown in experimental settings that such sleep fragmentation is associated with an increased tendency for airway collapse.
Performance decrements are noted with partial sleep deprivation and sleep fragmentation such that frequent sleep disruption over the course of a night can lead to performance decrements as severe as total sleep deprivation.
Pain management issues are also made worse by any kind of sleep fragmentation, not just sleep apnea," says Dr.
children with maligne epilepsy showed more sleep fragmentation than those with other types of epilepsy), and (c) sleep problems were positively related to severity of epileptic attacks.