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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.


vitreous residue after removal of metal in a smelting process.

basic slag
a by-product of the smelting industry, basic slag is used as a fertilizer. Animals pastured on recently heavily dressed fields may be affected by colic, diarrhea and posterior paresis. The specific cause of the poisoning is not known.
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In order to verify the validity of the calculated results, we measured the viscosities of above molten slags by the rotating cylinder method [22].
This is one of the key differences between the Colombian activated slag binders and those produced and assessed in Europe and Australia, where the slags contain higher levels of Mg and such phases are usually identified.
BOF slag contains calcium silicates and ferrite with oxides of aluminum, manganese, calcium and magnesium (Reddy et al.
There is a clear trend in industry to eliminate fluorine from slags which are used during production of steel.
Of the total amount of all types of waste produced in the electric-furnace process of steel production, steel slag is definitely the most significant in amount, for its amount ranges from 60 to 263 [kgt.
In the case of pyrometallurgical processes in which the slag is used, we should evidently talk about the activity of free oxygen because metallurgical slags are the oxide or fluoride-oxide systems.
If the slag composition is not managed, its fluidity will likely be insufficient at the prevailing temperature to flow through the tap hole.
5] reduction with the double reducer Al-Ca the following reactions can proceed leading to the formation of slags with different composition (Tables 3 and 4):
Abstract: In shaft furnace of metallurgic complex in "Trepca", during the agglomerate melting, gained slag consist plenty of components as are: Pb, ZnO, CaO, Fe, Si[O.
Slags are nonmetallic byproducts of iron and steel making, and they are unique to the limestone sources used and the specialty steel being manufactured.
To enjoy Fat Slags you need to be a fan of Viz where they made their first comic strip appearance.
Previous Trail experience with water-cooled cast iron fixtures in contact with slag was misleading when it came to the superheated and often high-lead content slags from the Kivcet furnace.