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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.
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The metallic gray (though inwardly reddish) metastibnite coatings are finely bubbly and look "cooked out," but for all their slaggy appearance they are excellent specimens of a very rare species.
So, will slaggy Jackie have thicko Jason Turner's baby?
Edwina Slaggy, John Selwyn Swott and Julian Bitchily are among the rogues' gallery of political caricatures personified by Harry Enfield in what promises to be a deliciously mischievous piece of TV satire on Sunday.
"They think I'm this slaggy old sexpot and a drug-addicted pervert," says Alan.
The crater walls are lined with breccia, fragments of shock-compressed sand that had been metamorphosed into a firm aggregate we called "instant rock." The exposed rims of the two largest craters are mantled with fragments of black, slaggy glass called impactite (consisting of about 10 percent iron-nickel from the shock-melted meteorite and 90 percent local sand) and chunks of instant rock that look like bleached sandstone.
From "Slaggy Island" to "Fantasy Island" in one fell swoop.
Five northern hawk's-beard plants were found by botanist Dr John Richards, of Hexham, on the Williamston Nature Reserve at Slaggy ford on the South Tyne.
Unfortunately, her sworn enemy Slaggy Lindsay (Kimberley Nixon) also has designs on the new boy, as well as the best cleavage in the entire year group to distract his attention.
Now Kat, the one with the fake tan who's supposed to look like a cut-price Posh Spice, and the other scraggy, slaggy sisters (can anyone tell them apart?) are laboriously trying to manoeuvre their cab-driving dad Charlie into the path of the human juggernaut that is Polene Fowler.