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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.


vitreous residue after removal of metal in a smelting process.

basic slag
a by-product of the smelting industry, basic slag is used as a fertilizer. Animals pastured on recently heavily dressed fields may be affected by colic, diarrhea and posterior paresis. The specific cause of the poisoning is not known.
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South Bank has been an inspiration for some of Vin's music and in 1969 he wrote a song called Slaggy Island Farewell about the fact parts of the old area were being demolished.
South Bank may be known as a small industrial town, a dirty, smelly, slaggy town, but oh what a town.
Organisers of the Slaggy Island Reunion 2007 are hoping for a big turn-out of past and present residents.
So does born and bred Slaggy Islander Linda still like what she sees?
A SLAGGY Island reunion, for anyone who has ever lived in South Bank, will be held at the Normanby Hotel at 7.
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of a crucible with slaggy encrustations from the new mound excavations at Early Bronze Age Kanesh demonstrates that the crucible was used to process copper with tin and arsenic.
I could write forever and a day about the Golden Boy who was born in South Bank, or Slaggy Island as it was called back then.
We're rooted in a funky slaggy world, so a slaggy crocodile playing golf was very fun to imagine," says Crews designer Maroussio Rebecq.