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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.


vitreous residue after removal of metal in a smelting process.

basic slag
a by-product of the smelting industry, basic slag is used as a fertilizer. Animals pastured on recently heavily dressed fields may be affected by colic, diarrhea and posterior paresis. The specific cause of the poisoning is not known.
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The outcomes observed that the expansion of cements with BOF slag additive is higher than that of other cements.
The problem of utilising (or using) steel (or other metal) slag as an aggregate in asphalt mixtures or for road construction has been investigated by researchers of various countries for many years now.
Mr Courten told the inquest it was not unusual for the slag runner channels to be uncovered as they had to be cleaned of build-up.
The testing has been conducted on steel slag generated during the production of carbon steel by electric furnace process in Steel Mill of CMC Sisak, Croatia.
The slag melts as high-temperature solutions according to the chemistry laws should be characterised not by the composition of the initial components formed as a result of the metallurgical process in the solidifying slack, but should be characterised by the activity (the capacity to enter interaction) of the free elements of the melt.
By working in co-operation with Tarmac we have managed to reduce the amount of air cooled slag from 35% down to 15%.
copper reverbatory (the "Copper Reverbatory Furnace Slag Stockpile") at the
Changing the ratio of calcium and aluminium makes it possible to increase the exothermic heat of the reduction reaction significantly compared to the effect of reaction (1), and to reduce the melting temperature of the slag (Fig.
For regulation of data from measured results of quantity in percentage of slag components, it's done statistical model.
Further, recycling slag, which is available locally in western West Virginia, offers an economic advantage compared with using virgin limestone aggregate.
The state also plans to cover the soil and slag with plastic sheeting to keep dust down until the contaminated material can be buried.