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Spectral Karyotyping. A form of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) used to visualise genetic and chromosomal patterns and defects via spectral-imaging hard/software technique. SKY labels each chromosome with a different colour
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Surprisingly there is not a single Canadian building among the winners this year, even with Toronto being one of the cities with the most new high-rise and skyscraper projects.
The Milad Tower (at 435 m (1,427 ft), the 5th tallest concrete tower in the world) is not listed among Tehran's skyscrapers because it is an observation/telecommunications tower.
Dubai too has plenty of ammo when it comes to creating new and tall skyscrapers -- the Dubai Lagoons master plan unveiled late last year has designs on what could be the world's tallest twin towers and getting ahead of Malaysia's Petronas Towers.
After three months of hard hunting, I wasn't ready to give up on Skyscraper just yet.
The skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment is a 26-story residential block in the mouth of the Yauza river.
Many of the bird deaths occur as a result of flying into small buildings rather than suspected skyscrapers found in cities.
This makes the result all the more impressive: a skyscraper that is recognized immediately and which is already considered London's new emblem," stated the expert jury in explaining its decision.
Building information modeling software is driving the increasingly complex design and construction of these skyscrapers, according to an industry expert.
The Imperial 3 would be one of India%s first supertall skyscrapers to achieve a LEED Platinum rating for environmental sustainability from Green Building Council.
The same construction company, the Broad Group, has taken on another challenge, and hopes to build a much bigger skyscraper in just three months, also in Changsha.
Revell, a professor of public administration at Florida International University, notes in an essay that appears in the 2005 anthology The American Skyscraper: Cultural Histories (Cambridge University Press), early skyscrapers were charged with "rampant individualism," "robb[ing] pedestrians of light and air," and even threatening public health by "blocking the salubrious rays of the sun.