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Spectral Karyotyping. A form of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) used to visualise genetic and chromosomal patterns and defects via spectral-imaging hard/software technique. SKY labels each chromosome with a different colour
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The Skyrocket was never right for carrier operations.
With this new facility we will be able to streamline our operations and improve our supply chain efficiency, remarked Nelo Lucich, President of Skyrocket Toys, LLC.
Meanwhile one of the skyrockets hurled by sympathizer's exploded just near the police but he did not get any injuries.
Often, officials say, deputies who roll up at a home where skyrockets are being shot off find a crowd of people but all say somebody else was doing the shooting.
Noting that the Antelope Valley looks like a ``war zone'' on July Fourth from people shooting off skyrockets and other illegal imports from outside California, Smith proposed making it a misdemeanor to ``aid and abet'' illegal fireworks displays -- just as police can cite spectators at illegal street races.
The new Head Coach joining the San Jose Skyrockets team has been announced as Mr.
The City Council decided Wednesday night against placing a fireworks measure on the ballot, agreeing with representatives of civic organizations that operate fireworks booths every July 4 holiday period that such a ban does nothing to address what they called the real problem: people shooting off skyrockets and other illegal imports from outside California.
The San Jose Skyrockets are pleased to announce that Jamie Williams, ex-NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers, will be the 11th Man for the Skyrockets' season opening game on November 18.
The San Jose Skyrockets ABA professional basketball team has officially announced individual and season tickets are now available for purchase.
Boosting the fireworks booth fee from $220 to $700 will pay for bringing in deputies on overtime July 4 to crack down on illegal fireworks, such as skyrockets and explosives, which last year were blamed for 140 wildfires around the Antelope Valley.
The San Jose Skyrockets ABA professional basketball team today announced their first free agent tryouts in Metro Manila, scheduled for October 15th.
The San Jose Skyrockets ABA men's professional basketball team today announced that they have scheduled their second free agent tryouts at the Camden Community Center on October 9th.