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Spectral Karyotyping. A form of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) used to visualise genetic and chromosomal patterns and defects via spectral-imaging hard/software technique. SKY labels each chromosome with a different colour
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Sky-high City will have 220 floors and provide housing, dining, shopping and medical services, but commentators have criticised the backers' ambitious construction schedule.
4 To jump sky-high off a ramp, a stunt skater tries to maximize
But sellers are apparently confident that these fears have ebbed, and in their wake some sky-high asking prices are on the table.
The days of sky-high public sector deficits as far as the eye can see must remain a thing of the past.
Tenants wanting smaller spaces in high-profile locations are usually more likely to pay sky-high rents, Mason pointed out.
By contrast, expatriate managers say that sky-high costs (residential and office rents are the highest in Asia and the city's port is the most expensive in the world) and pollution--Hong Kong's is the worst in Asia--have made the city intolerable.
We wait in lines to climb to roller-coaster heights, becoming weak-kneed and vulnerable as we reach the top and find ourselves under those massive, terrifying mirrors--each of us a cruel, Francis Bacon--like portrait in a sky-high theater of clinical self-regard.
It boasts a score of clever, catchy, and well-orchestrated book songs (written by leading lady Barbara Chamberlin); brightly colored cartoon-cutout sets; animation and optical effects; and enough sky-high wigs and pastel jumpsuits to fill a chain of Hollywood Boulevard boutiques.
Navigate Snoopy through the clouds aboard the famous bi-plane, the Sopwith Camel, as he experiences perilous sky-high dogfights, no-holds-barred air races and heart-pounding missions behind enemy lines.
Gregg, 48, went to a doctor who said he was at a risk of heart attack because of his sky-high cholesterol after Heidi, 31, expressed horror at how much he ate.
But with a legal test case on sky-high bank charges looming, RBS bosses have seen the writing on the wall and decided to act first.
Even as the DWP offered customers more time to pay sky-high electric bills resulting from last month's heat wave, a city panel voted Tuesday to impose a surcharge to offset rising natural-gas prices.