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Spectral Karyotyping. A form of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) used to visualise genetic and chromosomal patterns and defects via spectral-imaging hard/software technique. SKY labels each chromosome with a different colour
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Cyrus added to the camera in mid-air that sky-diving is amazing and beautiful.
There are seven judged rounds in the free-fly sky-diving competition.
Despite worrying about her daughter's passion for sky-diving, Carol had bought her a week's intensive training in the sport last year.
Right now Bryan, who is a registered sky-diving instructor along with Sandy and most of their friends, has to travel all the way to Hinton airfield in Northamptonshire.
Organisers of the event, staged at a sky-diving centre in Hinton-in-theHedges, Northants, hope to raise pounds 90,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
I started off freestyle sky-diving and then began working with a board which I could easily take off to regain control if I got into trouble.
Although they are in the middle of organising a big sky-diving competition, nothing has been too much trouble for them.
Home and Overseas - Britain's biggest holiday insurance firm - won't cover sky-diving. They warn British visitors to the US they could face financial ruin if they don't have adequate medical cover.
The Forget Me Not Children's Hospice is looking for sky-diving fundraisers |
The detective from Deganwy is determined to go sky-diving again in the future.
TWIN boys who were not expected to live past the age of three celebrated their 18th birthday with a sky-diving lesson.
OCEAN'S FANTASY ONCE more on dreamer's beach, A walk barefoot in bygone days, Past and present within reach, Tomorrow only a distant haze, Tide is ebb and flow, blue sky, Gulls sky-diving in white sea, Its blueness retreating searching, Seeking life's very immortality, Timeless moments, horizon, wind, Cooling, spraying blustery, salted air, Sand sweeping, blowing, weeping, Upon beauty here, beyond compare, Freedom, silence, nature's feast, As some entrancing mermaid dancer, This nightly stroll, a winsome soul, Beyond earth?