cranial prosthesis

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cra·ni·al pros·the·sis

(krānē-ăl pros-thēsis)
Permanently implanted artificial biocompatible replacement for bones of the craniofacial skeleton.
Synonym(s): skull plate.
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By only removing the meat and cleaned skull plate, we can greatly limit the chance of spreading CWD to uninfected areas.
Those tissues included the brain, spinal tissue, lymph nodes, spleen, eyes, and the raw skull plate with antlers.
But one thing that really stood out for me was the skull plate.
In order to take it home with him on the train, Maylan had to split the skull plate into two pieces for easy transport.
Where applicable in the text, there is a reference to the plate number and skull plate number for the featured species.
This vintage skull plate, pounds 21, from Re-Found Objects' macabre range, is perfect for serving up a frighteningly good Halloween feast.
Alan, of Corrie Common, near Lockerbie, has been unable to work since the accident and had to wait six months for a titanium skull plate to be fitted.
The Shed Spreader[TM] is a universal skull plate with an interchangeable top section for harvested or shed whitetail, muley, and blacktail antlers.
Buy or sell deer, elk, bighorn sheep or antelope antlers attached to the skull plate.
Several individuals have even gone to the extent of sewing the skull plate and antlers of a buck they purchased or found onto the head of a dead deer to create a "field photo" as proof of harvest.