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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936. See: Battle sign.
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Diosdado Carreon, 6ID commander, said nine BIFF rebels and a soldier were so far killed in the skirmishes. Military clearing operations are still ongoing as of this posting
Another two separate clashes near the previous skirmishes transpired later in the afternoon between the same group and different platoons of 3IB.
'Major cause of confrontation between India and Pakistan is the Kashmir dispute which is political in nature, cannot be settled through skirmishes on the borders.
So, despite the political skirmishes, I think it has not affected that I'm doing," she added.
MAU EVICTIONSEviction of families settled along the Mau forest, careless utterances, incitement and hate speech are the main underlying factors that have fueled the skirmishes.While, on the surface, the skirmishes are alleged to have been caused by a cattle rustling incident resulting in the killing of a herdsman at Nkoben area, it has emerged that politicians are behind the violence.
Indian army soldiers guard a bunker near the Line of Control, which divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan.Both countries have accused the other of initiating border skirmishes leading to casualties on both sides.
"It should be noted that of the 350 battles, sieges and skirmishes of the 17th century recorded from England on the Battlefield Trust's database of Fields of Conflict, a significant number remain unlocated while many more skirmish sites are not yet incorporated into this or any other record," he says.
28 (ANI): Skirmishes erupted in California's Berkeley after several dozen of left-wing protesters surrounded and shouted at a handful of right-wing demonstrators.
During the skirmishes two Aberdeen fans were injured.
The skirmishes came hours before the two-day gathering of the world's top economic powers gets under way this morning in Germany's second-biggest city.
But Mr Davis warned Leave campaigners against engaging in "short-term skirmishes" and insisted Britain and the Tory Party will want a period of stability after the "bruising" referendum debate.
Summary: Both regime troops and rebel militias suffered casualties Monday during skirmishes near the besieged National Hospital in Jisr al-Shughur, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.