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The voluntary interruption of a routine activity, usually understood to mean work
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Skip Schaefer moved to Idaho, but he is not retired.
The association of licensed skip owners of Nicosia, which staged a protest some 10 days go over the high price were hoping to find a solution during their meeting with Kadis on Friday.
Mr Place initially removed their skip but then claimed the builder had failed to pay the correct waste charges and demanded the residents pay instead.
| Nearly two-thirds of builders have had to pass skip price increases on to clients, making home improvement projects more expensive for home owners.
Paramedics soon arrived and rushed him to hospital where x-rays confirmed everyone's worst fears -- Skip had badly broken his back, and the chances of recovery were slim.
Gents - W Meadows (skip), R Gibb, T Johnson, A Gordon.
If you're intending to put your skip on the road - which is often the easiest/only option - you'll need to get a road licence from your local council.
But Digaway Skip Hire & Mini Digger Hire said it took action because nobody had paid for the skip.
Narrated by sarcastic main character, Skip O'Rourke, this novel combines mystery and comedy into a story that also deals with often glossed-over topics, such as smoking and drinking.
Cut Price Skips offers a 100 per cent money back guarantee along with everyday great prices.
The ropes are anchored in the ground near the bottom station and span the entire slope of the mine up to the skip unloading station at the top without any intermediate supports.