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To clarify and extend Stephenson--to more clearly address subjectivity from a naturalistic perspective--we turned to the concepts of the mind as behavior, probes, derived constructs, and Skinnerian consciousness.
However, they also argue that determinism is nonetheless compatible with moral responsibility because determined agents may be sufficiently reason-responsive, that is, responsive to moral reasons, to ground morally appropriate attributions of moral responsibility, as opposed to attributions justified only on Skinnerian or other consequentialist grounds.
There is, though, one big Skinnerian theme to which I stayed true.
Also to be noted is that the uniqueness of VB does not require special explanatory laws; Skinnerian laws of behavior are sufficient to account for it.
In the useful jargon of Skinnerian behaviorists, these actions are reinforcing.
He reported that at that time, cognitive psychology had basically come in to counter behaviorism, and he argued that we are all behaviorists--not strict behaviorists in Skinnerian terms, but the difference between us and physiologists or economists or sociologists or other groups was that our dependent variable always is the behavior of people.
Starting with a similar premise (one need not be able to see into the mind of the enemy if he consistently shows a link between observable behaviors and certain effects), it may be possible to identify next steps toward more rigorous effects-based models by reviewing the historical path taken by educators as they moved from Skinnerian pragmatism to today's more robust models of learning.
His teacher is mean, the homework seems excessive and pointless, his classroom is punitive and grades are dispensed like food pellets to Skinnerian pigeons.
Although Bandura acknowledges some external reinforcement of behavior, he eschews such a Skinnerian approach in favor of internal reinforcement, where the individual takes responsibility for choosing and examining his/her own behavior.
Kuhlmann analyzes two phases in the creation of Skinnerian communities, both of which grew out of the Waldenwoods Conference held in 1966.
This is where the computer nerds have gotten downright Skinnerian.
As an exploration of Skinnerian intentional communities, this account is a moderate success.