skinfold measurement

skin·fold mea·sure·ment

(skin'fōld mezh'ŭr-mĕnt)
Determination of the thickness of a fold of skin and underlying subcutaneous fat using calipers. Measurements are used to assess body fat content. Standard tables are available relating skinfold thickness to body fat as a percentage of body weight according to age and sex.
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Superiority of skinfold measurements and wait over waist-to-hip ratio for determination of body fat distribution in a population-based cohort of Caucasian Dutch adults.
The present study was therefore conducted to derive predictive equations for estimating muscle mass (determined by creatinine method) based on the simple, non invasive methods such as BIA and anthropometric parameters such as circumferences and skinfold measurements in an Indian male population.
Skinfold measurements were carried out on the subjects in triplicate in the standing position and the mean of each taken for further calculation: biceps, triceps, subscapular and suprailiac.
The fat free mass index (FFMI) was calculated from these skinfold measurements.
American College of Sports Medicine procedures were used for skinfold measurement (Armstrong et al.
The reported results were also robust to restriction to term birth; nonmovers during pregnancy (see Supplemental Material, Tables S5 and S6), and to subjects with available triceps skinfold measurements (Table 3).
Standard anthropometric measurements to estimate percentage body fat such as skinfold measurements are not appropriate for use in the DMD population, as the muscles of DMD subjects undergo extensive fibrosis and replacement by fat tissue.
Skinfold measurements are the most valid and reliable measures ordinarily available to the strength coach.
showed no differences in weight, BMI, waist circumference or triceps skinfold measurements compared to non-drinkers.
However, only one study has sought an association between skinfold measurements and serum ferritin--in Mexican American men with a high prevalence of obesity (4).
Percentage of body fat was estimated using skinfold measurements and the bioelectrical impedance method.