skinfold measurement

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skin·fold mea·sure·ment

(skin'fōld mezh'ŭr-mĕnt)
Determination of the thickness of a fold of skin and underlying subcutaneous fat using calipers. Measurements are used to assess body fat content. Standard tables are available relating skinfold thickness to body fat as a percentage of body weight according to age and sex.
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(b) Central to total skinfold measurement ratio: SPS + SBS/[summation] SFT.
For both skinfold measurements (Sum6SF and TrunkSF), only biological age was a significant predictor (p < 0.05).
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Superiority of skinfold measurements and wait over waist-to-hip ratio for determination of body fat distribution in a population-based cohort of Caucasian Dutch adults.
The present study was therefore conducted to derive predictive equations for estimating muscle mass (determined by creatinine method) based on the simple, non invasive methods such as BIA and anthropometric parameters such as circumferences and skinfold measurements in an Indian male population.
The fat free mass index (FFMI) was calculated from these skinfold measurements.
DeMeer and colleagues (23) found that body composition, assessed by skinfold measurement, was an important contributor to aerobic exercise capacity in children with CF.
Percent body fat was estimated from skinfold measurement, a survey assessed weight preferences, and a 3-day dietary intake record assessed home game day dietary intake.
Children with at least one parent with a history of the syndrome had a significantly higher mean waist size, waist-to-hip ratio, body mass index, and subscapular skinfold measurement after adjustment for gender, race, and Tanner stage of adolescence.
Other sources of measurement error are associated with the selection of skinfold sites, the size of the skinfold grasp, and time and delay in reading the skinfold measurements. Clinicians who work with families dealing with weight issues should obtain instruction for skinfold measurement techniques from those expert in the technique, such as a nutritionist or exercise scientist.
Skinfold measurement was carried out in triplicate, in the standing position and the mean was taken for further calculation.