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Burrhus F., U.S. psychologist, 1904-1990. See: skinnerian conditioning, Skinner box.
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In a research titled the evaluation of health regarding to the life quality in menopause and senility led by Skinder, McLennan and Fendi (2008), the results represent that the menopause problems and the issues related to women health can be affected so that the age can influence on the life quality.
The Shoalhaven Hospital after hours manager and her sister, Melbourne midwife Penny Skinder, have been spending most of their annual leave on exotic adventure, since 2003.
Beresford Dawkins' Steven Bird, Lorraine Dixon and shortMAN' Dr Lez Henry and Mikael Riley' Alison Finn, Mr Singh and Josie Davis' Ade, Skinder Hundal and Hema Mangoo' Dr Lez Henry and Samenuah Sesher' Nu Life - Dionne Williams-Hepburn, Maryanne Hepburn-Bean and Estella Ible
Lillis, along with Mark Regan, 44, and Skinder Ali, 37, both from Birmingham, as well as Garry Campbell, 58, of Inverness, Trevor Connor, 41, of Birmingham, Darren Clarke, 52, of Kingsbury and Anthony Boyle, 46, of Birmingham were arrested between September 2014 and June 2015.