skin sensitization

skin sensitization,

n an allergic reaction to a particular irritant that results in the development of skin inflammation and itchiness. Unlike skin irritation, the skin becomes increasingly reactive to the substance as a result of subsequent exposures. Ylang ylang and cinnamon bark may increase the risk of this type of reaction.
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8) Replacement methods have been successfully validated and adopted as OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) test guidelines for the endpoints of skin and eye irritation and corrosion, genotoxicity, skin penetration, phototoxicity and, recently, for two skin sensitization tests.
Meanwhile, OEMs are also making a beeline for non-latex solutions due to escalating environmental concerns and biohazard and skin sensitization issues in the medical and hygiene industry," said Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials & Food Research Analyst Shubhayan Sarkar .
Yet, only five photosensitizers are now approved for clinical applications and all suffer from serious drawbacks, including low selectivity and skin sensitization.
The Nine Induction Dose Buehler Test (the skin sensitization test according to E.
Chapters focus on such specific topics as gases under pressure, organic peroxides, respiratory or skin sensitization, reproductive toxicity, hazardous to the aquatic environment, and hazardous to the ozone layer.
Tests were conducted to evaluate cytotoxicity to cells, skin irritation on contact, and skin sensitization after repeated contact.
It would be reasonable to regard "green" antimicrobials as those with most of the following favorable attributes: (1) low mammalian toxicity (cytotoxicity), (2) low skin sensitization potential, (3) low eco-toxicity, (4) low bioaccumulation potential, (5) low emission potential during manufacture, application, or post-application, (6) no or low VOC content, as applicable, and (7) complete effectiveness against the relevant target organisms.
Both human and animal studies have demonstrated that irritancy can act as an adjuvant to skin sensitization (Smith et al.
This product is available in widths up to 46 inches and has passed primary skin irritation, cytotoxicity and skin sensitization product safety testing.
Studies have shown no evidence of skin sensitization to the lotion, which is important since, ideally, Skinvisible will be used many times throughout the day.
Altered barriers, racial skin types, aged skin, photoaged skin, cosmetics and skin sensitization.
The main concern is associated with cases in which the chemicals penetrate through the skin to the blood circulation and may cause sensitization reaction that will be discussed in an upcoming column on skin sensitization.