skin of animals

skin of an·i·mals

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It is pertinent to mention here the CCHF is viral disease of human beings transmitted by Ticks found on the skin of animals like sheep, goats, cattle and camels which can spread to the medical professionals, traders of animals and buyers.
php/News/details/pet_allergy/) The Asthma Center , it is not the fur or the skin of animals that causes allergy and asthma, but the airborne saliva and urine-derived proteins, which is a major source of pet allergen.
The results of EpiTan's preclinical studies have shown clearly that the TDS formulation can deliver systemically a large peptide through the skin of animals.
The microsection of the skin of animals exposed to UV B radiation + benzoyl peroxide showed epidermis of varying thickness with nuclear crowding, and mild atypia.
In preclinical models, topical menadione has also been shown to rescue EGFR signaling activity in the skin of animals treated systemically with erlotinib.
org/) PETA slammed BeyoncA[c] for her love of using the skin of animals as an accessory.