skin irritation

skin irritation,

n reaction to a particular irritant that results in inflammation of the skin and itchiness.
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In contrast to corrosion, primary skin irritation is defined as the generation of reversible damage to skin following the applications of a test substance.
Hazard: The case-back of the watch can detach and expose the interior to water, posing a risk of skin irritation, redness, rashes or chemical burns.
This combination makes Sensi-Care Clear Zinc Skin Protectant ideal for people of any age who are at risk for diaper rash or skin irritation related with incontinence.
glass yarns could cause skin irritation during installation.
The researchers found that the stressed mice showed significantly reduced inflammation and faster healing in all three types of skin irritation.
nl' tested Gladskin Skin Irritation on a large group of men and women suffering from skin irritation after shaving.
Many women suffer from skin irritation and other diseases due to the chemicals used in making henna.
Not all are bad but some can cause skin irritation, scalp allergy and unpleasant odours.
Research from Bath University said well-known high street branded creams can aid skin irritation.
However, many patients experience skin irritation, flaking and peeling with most prescription retinol products.
2009) found that nurses believed that hand sanitizers resulted in more skin irritation than soap and water (36% versus 5%, respectively).
They discovered many reports of allergic reactions to materials in instruments as well as skin irritation that resulted from prolonged contact with an instrument.