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Conversely, skimping on medically indicated services maximizes hospital profits in other DRG sequences.
Goyer (the ``Blade'' films, co-screenwriter of ``Batman Begins'') and executive-produced by longtime ``Star Trek'' guru Brannon Braga, boasts far more jolts and invigorating exposition than the other two new similar shows manage in their debuts, and does so without skimping much on character development.
The eyes have it this summer, so don't even think about skimping on the old kohl.
Yet, he blames the impresarios even more for skimping on the $5,000 cost of ferocious, full-grown and well-bred bulls, "Without a good animal, it is very hard for even the best bullfighter to look good," explains Paez.
We provide reliable, high-quality phone service at an affordable price - without skimping on features or capabilities.
His latest budget, like his administration, seems to be about preserving a busted status quo, maintaining unsustainable spending patterns, preserving a bloated bureaucracy and skimping on the vital public services the city greatly needs.
It's one thing to hoodwink the customers by skimping on materials.
Before skimping on low-cost materials, remember that it is always cheaper to do things right the first time.
Too many hospitals put a premium on revenue enhancement while skimping on care standards.
Some people can't understand how that could be done without skimping," he concedes.
It's a movie that tries to stand out from the formulaic pack without skimping on any of the thrills that fans expect.
The book "No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss" provides dieting advice such as cutting down food portions by 25 percent and skimping on non-nutritional foods.