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The enriched skimmed milk diet did not boost weight gain or increase the levels of potentially harmful blood fats.
The powdered skimmed milk was an ingredient in four dairy products made at Snow Brand's Osaka plant that caused widespread food poisoning in June and July, making some 15,000 people ill.
It is no longer legal to take skimmed flux to the city dump, which leads to stiff fines.
So your daughters will get all the nourishment they need from skimmed milk.
Make up according to instructions using skimmed milk.
Skimmed milk in powder form has become a popular source of protein because it does not require refrigeration, making it easier to transport and store than fluid milk or dairy products containing fat.
HOW TO CLAIM To get your FREE litre of Candia JUST MILK (skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole UHT) simply take the voucher below to your nearest Sainsbury's store until Monday November 30, 2009.
Normal people above the age of five years do not need anything other than skimmed milk, or at worst "one percent" milk.
The lawyer filed suit against Janet's estate, claiming that she had skimmed the coins from the laundromat and that Raymond was entitled to half of the value.
THE COMMITTEE on milk and milk products of world food standards body Codex Alimentarius is developing a new draft standard for blends of evaporated skimmed milk and vegetable fat.
Breakfast Option One: Plain oatmeal cooked with skimmed milk and banana.
* A government mail-room employee skimmed more than $2 million in taxpayer refund checks that had been returned by the post office for bad addresses.