skills validation

skills val·i·da·tion

(skilz val'i-dā'shŭn)
A regularly scheduled assessment, usually annual, of the competence of nursing staff by administrative personnel of a health care institution; the purpose is to ensure delivery of safe, consistent, appropriate nursing care; both written and clinical testing may be used; nurses are tested on both generic and specialty-specific skills.
Synonym(s): competence testing.
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Together, we're changing the landscape to increase skills validation and open new doors to career success.
These developments have powered an expanded platform that includes HireVue's flagship digital screening and live interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding.
Pressure is also coming from customers that outsource their IT services, who are increasingly aware of the importance of skills validation by their chosen partner.
They devised an online review so that once you have completed the online portion of the course, you go to an authorized AHA Training Center for the skills validation portion.
Table 1 Correlations Between Mothers' Behavior with Adolescents and Adolescents' Behavior with Best Friends Mothers' behavior with adolescents conflict withdrawal communication support- skills validation Adolescents' behavior with best friends conflict .
The Microsoft program has been updated to include cloud-related skills validation and a focus on real-world solutions.
The expanded platform includes HireVue's flagship digital screening and interviewing capabilities, as well as new partnerships and cloud-based solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding.
The CheckPoint HR Human Resources Management System (HRMS) spans the entire HR lifecycle by integrating all aspects of HR, from payroll, recruitment, skills validation and background checks to training to employee termination processes such as COBRA administration.
Web-based Assessment to Help Streamline Candidate Selection and Skills Validation
Certification resources include assessments, right-sized online and classroom training, hands-on experience, technical books and skills validation through certification testing.
This exciting and unique collaboration gives OnForce providers easy access to the training and skills validation they need to help customers be successful with Microsoft technologies," says Lutz Ziob, general manager of Microsoft Learning.
SUNYIT will manage apprentices at employer sites during the skills validation period.
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