skills validation

skills val·i·da·tion

(skilz val'i-dā'shŭn)
A regularly scheduled assessment, usually annual, of the competence of nursing staff by administrative personnel of a health care institution; the purpose is to ensure delivery of safe, consistent, appropriate nursing care; both written and clinical testing may be used; nurses are tested on both generic and specialty-specific skills.
Synonym(s): competence testing.
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Contract notice for Development and maintenance of the IT platform VAL'ID Skills Validation consortium.
Pressure is also coming from customers that outsource their IT services, who are increasingly aware of the importance of skills validation by their chosen partner.
They devised an online review so that once you have completed the online portion of the course, you go to an authorized AHA Training Center for the skills validation portion.
Table 1 Correlations Between Mothers' Behavior with Adolescents and Adolescents' Behavior with Best Friends Mothers' behavior with adolescents conflict withdrawal communication support- skills validation Adolescents' behavior with best friends conflict .
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