skilled nursing facility

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an agency or other site where an activity or process is carried out.
independent living f's congregate housing.
intermediate care facility (ICF) a health related facility designed to provide custodial care for individuals unable to care for themselves because of mental or physical infirmity; not considered by the government to be a medical facility, it can receive no reimbursement under Medicare, generally receiving the bulk of its financing under Medicaid. Federal regulations require that an ICF have a registered nurse as director of nursing and a licensed nurse on duty at least 8 hours a day; other staffing requirements vary from state to state.
skilled nursing facility (SNF) a type of nursing home recognized by the Medicare and Medicaid systems as meeting long term health care needs for individuals who have the potential to function independently after a limited period of care. A multidisciplinary team guides health care and rehabilitative services, including skilled nursing care.
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skilled nursing facility

An inpatient healthcare facility with the staff and equipment to provide skilled care, rehabilitation and other related health services to patients who need nursing care, but do not require hospitalisation.
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skilled nurs·ing fa·cil·i·ty

(SNF) (skild nŭrs'ing fă-sil'i-tē)
A nursing facility providing 24-hour nonacute nursing, medical, and rehabilitative care.
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The majority of care within a skilled nursing facility is directed by LPNs, who have graduated from state-accredited programs.
North Carolina: Wilkes Regional Medical Center Skilled Nursing Unit (North Wilkesboro); White Oak Manor-Rutherfordton (Rutherfordton); Annie Penn Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility (Reidsville); Wesley Pines Retirement Community (Lumberton)
Jurors found the project design to be a great example of how to transform a 1970s skilled nursing facility into high quality space for a challenging resident population.
Edwards: How do you provide for residents aging in place to the extent that their health declines and they need advanced medical care, such as that typically provided in a skilled nursing facility?
The 5-year-old, 200-bed, skilled nursing facility in East Flatbushf, Brooklyn, is the flagship entity of the umbrella corporation, New York Congregational Community Services.
His role, she said, was critical in ensuring that a skilled nursing facility could meet its clinical responsibilities in this relatively high-tech environment.
Coding information for skilled nursing facility consolidated billing (CB) can now be found on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Web site at <> under the heading "Consolidated Billing for Skilled Nursing Facility Residents Claims Billed to Medicare Carriers or DMERCs by Physicians, Non-Physician Practitioners, and Suppliers."
The community was opened in 1989 with 153 independent living apartments, 11 assisted living apartments and a 45-bed skilled nursing facility. After only a few short years of operation, the need for expansion to accomplish our mission and goals to serve both the CGRC and the nearby community became obvious.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 10, 2015-CareTrust REIT Acquires Washington Skilled Nursing Facility
This program--also known as the Lombardi Program or the "Nursing Home without Walls"--enables chronically ill New Yorkers who are medically eligible for admission to a skilled nursing facility to receive long term care at home.
Established in 1970, Country Manor has grown from a 64-bed skilled nursing facility to a 25-acre campus that houses a 172-bed skilled nursing facility, a 155-unit apartment complex for seniors and a new 45-unit assisted living facility.
Bethany Rehabilitation Center is a 170-bed skilled nursing facility in Lakewood, Colorado, USA.