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A regional preterite for having been under the influence of drugs, in particular cocaine, given its slang term, snow
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Marc Girardelliadded, "I only use skis with the best materials as it greatly enhances the experience and is also important for safety.
The cross-country ski center is at the far edge of the parking area.
The groomed runs can be jammed with skiers, while a few feet away mogul runs with vastly more space and challenge lie empty because they're more difficult to ski, or at least are perceived that way.
Current ski designs locate binding pivot points between the center of the heel radius and the back of the boot.
Greenhalgh has a theory on why the ski ministry touches a chord with some people.
But the ski industry claims it is already doing its part to preserve the environment.
One way to prepare for ski season is to do leg conditioning exercises.
Learn-to-ski package, pounds 189, includes ski school instruction, lift pass, hire of skis and boots.
Still, not many Missoula-area skiers will pay $5 a day at Nightingale when they can ski groomed trails at Lolo Pass in Clearwater National Forest for $10 a year or in Pattee Canyon for free.
That's exactly what happened in early May when a 24-year-old skier on intermediate terrain at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort started going into the splits, caught an edge and lost a ski.
It began 20 years ago when he reluctantly joined a group of friends on a ski trip and challenged himself on an "impossible" slope.