skew distribution

skew dis·tri·bu·tion

an asymmetric frequency distribution; in biology and medicine it is usually a lognormal distribution.
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To simulate diversified distributions, a uniform distribution, Gauss distribution, and skew distribution were applied when generating sensor nodes randomly (Fig.
In terms of sensor node energy consumption, the case that spatio-temporal aggregation is applied produces better performance by average 7% with the uniform distribution, 24% with the Gauss distribution, and 14% with the skew distribution compared with the case that spatio-temporal aggregation is not applied.
In the case of a skew distribution, IR-tree outperforms GR-tree and CDQO by 82% and 24%, respectively.
Intuitively, we can employ the ELT concept to see that a positive skew distribution will result in more samples of longer lead times, which will bring about a greater reduction in the standard deviation of ELT.
The results of our experiments with positively skewed bimodal lead time distributions indicate that negative skew distributions could lead to inaccuracies with the Bischak et al.
Further research needs to be undertaken to clearly define the boundary conditions and extend this work for ELT under base stock policies to nonstandard left and right skew distributions. This may include expanding the Bischak et al.
The original explanation of skew distribution of the return is based on asymmetry of fluctuation, which is mainly leverage effect and feedback effect of fluctuation, but the explanations had not been widely supported by empirical study.
When and Yang held that risk attitude is an important reason for the skew distribution of the return, and the speculative behaviors on the market can lead to positive skewness.