skeletal muscle fibers

skel·e·tal mus·cle fi·bers

multinucleated contractile cells varying from less than 10-100 mcm in diameter and from less than 1 mm to several centimeters in length; the fiber consists of sarcoplasm and cross-striated myofibrils, which in turn consist of myofilaments; human skeletal muscles are a mixture of red, white, and intermediate type fibers.
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ADC values have been associated with cell morphology and mainly reflect diffusion across the cell membrane in the skeletal muscle fibers.
These findings and further studies based on enzymatic analysis of the skeletal muscle fibers can be utilized for improving the management of type 2 diabetic patients and planning exercise regimens for improving muscle function.
About half of the skeletal muscle fibers in adults are slow fibers.
Mammalian skeletal muscle fibers are characterized by d their morphological traits such as total number of fibers (TNF) and cross-sectional area of fibers (CSAF), and fiber e type characteristics, such as contractile, and metabolic f properties (Lee et al.
2+] transients in isolated bundles of skeletal muscle fibers from rats with chronic heart failure," Circulation Research, vol.
The skeletal muscle fibers in rodents are generally categorized as slow-twitch Type I and fast-twitch Type II fibers.
Immunohistochemical and western blotting analyses clearly showed that GJG significantly reduced the loss of skeletal muscle mass and ameliorated the increase in slow skeletal muscle fibers in SAMP8 mice compared to control mice.
Another delivery will contribute to an investigation known as Sarcolab, which studies the skeletal muscle fibers of station crew members.
In "test tube" experiments, triclosan impaired the ability of isolated heart muscle cells and skeletal muscle fibers to contract.
Electromyography (EMG) allows the physician to assess the functional status of the nerves and the skeletal muscle fibers.