skeletal muscle fibers

skel·e·tal mus·cle fi·bers

multinucleated contractile cells varying from less than 10-100 mcm in diameter and from less than 1 mm to several centimeters in length; the fiber consists of sarcoplasm and cross-striated myofibrils, which in turn consist of myofilaments; human skeletal muscles are a mixture of red, white, and intermediate type fibers.
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Through the in-depth research article named "Principles of Heat Production in Skeletal Muscle Cells," Frank Diederichs explains the thermodynamic relations when heat is produced or exchanged in skeletal muscle fibers. These processes can be influenced by conditions of open systems and steady state.
We also observed significant shortening and increased twisting of skeletal muscle fibers in a dose-dependent manner due to exposure to increasing concentrations of mercuric chloride.
As a PPARI3 coactivator, PGC-1[alpha] may convert skeletal muscle fibers (Uldry et al., 2006).
Immunohistochemical analysis was used to stain fast and slow-type skeletal muscle fibers. Frozen sections were hydrated for 10 min; endogenous peroxidase was blocked by using [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] (3%) in a methanol solution (97%).
In the present study, through conventional and enzymatic histochemistry, were analyzed the changes of lesion and recovery caused by an induced ischemic injury in skeletal muscle fibers. Treatments or additional interventions were not applied to describe the histopathological characteristics of the spontaneous recovery and/or adaptation in the skeletal striated muscle tissue throughout postischemic lesion until day 32.
ADC values have been associated with cell morphology and mainly reflect diffusion across the cell membrane in the skeletal muscle fibers. The ADC value is decreased when diffusion is limited.
Satellite cell of skeletal muscle fibers. The Journal of Biophusical and Biochemical Cytology.
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Nevertheless, the cultured muscle fibers used here represent a cellular model of muscle disuse/denervation [25, 65] and is a valuable alternative to animal studies to explore severe and acute effects of hyperglycemia on the function of skeletal muscle fibers.
In his consecutive work [2-4], Hatze introduced the dynamics of changes in activity q (activation dynamics) for skeletal muscle fibers in response to neural stimulation a as a multilevel process, with y being the relative free calcium ion concentration and [l.sub.CE] the length of the contractile element (CE).