skeletal fluorosis

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a condition due to ingestion of excessive amounts of fluorine or its compounds; see fluoride poisoning.
chronic endemic fluorosis that due to unusually high concentrations of fluoride, usually in the natural drinking water supply, typically causing dental fluorosis characterized by a mottled appearance of the teeth. Combined osteosclerosis and osteomalacia can also occur in occupational exposures to vapors and dust.
dental fluorosis hypoplasia of the dental enamel resulting from prolonged ingestion of drinking water containing high levels of fluoride, manifested by the condition called mottled enamel.
skeletal fluorosis skeletal changes due to long term ingestion of excessive fluoride; they may include hyperostosis, osteopetrosis, and osteoporosis.
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In India, researchers have become successful in mitigating ingested fluoride and in reversing skeletal fluorosis at young age [20].
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Excessive fluoride intake during early childhood causes staining and pitting of dental enamel while adult intake can lead to skeletal fluorosis and a higher risk of fractures (ADA, 2011).
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In recent years, other techniques for assessing the skeletal fluorosis, including radiological and densitometric procedures have been developed.
Last year's study by Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) found serious diseases of dental and skeletal fluorosis, osteosclerosis, thyroid, and kidney and bone and joint deformations among population of Thar due mainly to malnutrition and unhygienic conditions.
(16) As a clinician it is imperative to distinguish whether these lines may have developed as a result of repetitive trauma or from other pathologies such as infection, (2) malnutrition, (2,21) immobilization, (4,8) hypoparathyroidism, (16) alcohol consumption during growth, (9) juvenile chronic arthritis, (18) psychosocial short stature, (19) endemic skeletal fluorosis, (20) bisphosponate medication, (21) heavy metal poisoning (13) or leukemia.
Fluoride plays an important role in caries prevention due to its cariostatic potential, however the excessive uninterrupted intake of fluoride for longer duration can have deleterious effect on teeth and bone's leading to dental fluorosis or skeletal fluorosis. It is also documented that even at optimal level and below optimum level of fluoride in drinking water, dental fluorosis can be seen (Saravanan et al 2008) (6).
According to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG), overexposure to fluoride can be toxic, causing dental fluorosis (mottling and loss of tooth enamel) and skeletal fluorosis (joint pain, stiffness and bone fractures).