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Vox populi An object's “bigness”. See Effect size, French size, Sample size.
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Patient discussion about size

Q. Now my breast size increased a little bit. Is there any chance for me to get breast cancer? Hello. I am 24, female, married. I have DD's and mostly all women in my family also has it? None of them have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. But now my breast size increased a little bit. Is there any chance for me to get breast cancer? Any help would be appreciated.

A. I feel that you don’t have the chance to get breast cancer; breast cancer is genetic. During menstruation also breast size shows the difference in size. Women below the age of 30 are rare to be diagnosed with breast cancer. If you are scared, just visit your family doctor once.

Q. what is effect phallus size in sex?

A. Does size matters? Look, some would say it’s everything, some would say it’s all about the performance, so it’s somewhere between a myth, urban legends and simple mechanics – but eventually it comes to communication and understanding between the couple. Big penis doesn’t guarantee great sex and vice versa. Ecentually, you should “act like a man”, and do your best with what nature gave you – and you’ll find out it’s much more than inches…

Q. what is effect penis size in sex with womens? what is mean penis size?

A. about the effect- this should be a survey. but from what i know - the pleasure sites for the women is "near the surface" so being over dramatic about it is mainly men's concern and not the women.

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"The contents, number of items carried or packed differently into a bag can change the dimensions of a bag often quite significantly and this can affect whether or not it is able to fit into the sizer. The cardboard sizers do flex a little after extensive use and so are only used at airports such as London City where airlines are not permitted to use metal sizers.
The Euclid line is also equipped with an eliminator sizer, called Herbie, which cleans up small-sized cherries and sends them to designated sorting tables for manual sorting and then onto packing.
Theodore Ryland Sizer (1932-2009) was known as one of the leading liberal educational reformers in the United States for nearly half a century (Diffily 2010).
In addition to Screeners and Sizers, Mogensen is also the manufacturer of a variety of Vibratory Feeders and High Speed Optical Sorters.
The section dealing with the Mogensen Sizer explains the important differences between conventional screening and the Sizer approach, which involves the principle of probability screening, whereby sloping screen decks and apertures larger than the aimed-for cut-point are used to reduce significantly the risk of pegging and to improve substantially the relationship of throughput to occupied floor space.
Individually packaged, sterile sizers are available for total prostheses (8 sizers in 0.5-mm increments) and partial prostheses (6 sizers in 0.5-mm increments) and are supplied in a practical dispenser (10 pieces per box).
The oversize material from the Sizers passes through a cone crusher and is then recycled to the Sizers.
The order was given after Continental Airlines complained that the sizers affected its business because it had different luggage-size rules.
In a lucid, anecdotal style, the Sizers make a compelling argument for schools that incorporate morality as a pivotal tool in education.
The Sizers' message comes through loud and clear: "If we care about our children's values--how as a matter of habit they treat others and how aware they are of why they do what they do--we must look into a mirror."