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The aggregate of biologic, psychological, and sociologic factors that affect a person's behavioral pattern.


1. A set of circumstances.
2. The location of an entity in relation to other objects.
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1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- IM360, a joint venture between Immersive Media and Digital Domain, will present the first annual 360SA Summit 2015, playing host to an invite-only group of the military, situational awareness contractors and integrators.
The Augmented Reality Orientation System fuses an augmented display solution with military data links in real time to provide a full 360-degree situational awareness capability to modern warfighters.
Situational awareness becomes even more prudent when you are walking the tiers alone while the new officer is up in the control center.
Among contemporary leadership theories, Situational Leadership is most similar to writing center philosophy, pedagogy, and practice.
Cloud computing is a rapidly emerging technology in the Defense, Security and Aviation domains, and an essential element of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications and services.
Cultural awareness training remains integral to achieving situational awareness.
Situational mentors can even help an employee plan his or her next bid or career move by offering insight on other offices or giving guidance on what it's like to take the leap to a new career challenge, such as an excursion tour, fellowship or a change of cone or series.
For instance, repeatedly experiencing self-determined motivation at the situational level can, through the recursive effect, eventually generate higher levels of self-determined motivation at the corresponding contextual level.
It would be an example of situational growing--or situational pinning--in this circumstance.
At the heart of our philosophy is what we refer to as situational lending, a school of thought at the opposite end of the spectrum from conservative lending institutions that are bogged down in bureaucratic restrictions and requirements.
were on duty and provided the situational awareness to quickly inform the president and the Japanese government.
Instead of taking batting practice in groups before the game, as the JetHawks usually do, Butler split the team's 12 position players into two groups and had them play a game involving situational hitting - by far the team's most glaring weakness to start the Single-A California League season.

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