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The aggregate of biologic, psychological, and sociologic factors that affect a person's behavioral pattern.


1. A set of circumstances.
2. The location of an entity in relation to other objects.
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Now, current and new Verint users have a pathway that enables them to grow into the Verint Situational Awareness Platform by cost efficiently gaining access to initial core features and incrementally adding additional capabilities as their needs evolve.
The military & defense industry is expected to dominate the situational awareness systems market during the forecast period 2015 - 2020
Situational understanding is critical to executing mission command during unified land operations to achieve sustainable political outcomes and winning in a complex world.
Safety plays an important role in assuring situational awareness and it is an obligation that all officers take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.
In "How Tutors Model Students," Sharon Derry and Michael Potts support Situational Leadership's focus on these variables; each of the tutors in their study evaluated both competence and motivation when working with students (65).
To meet the demands for relevant, timely situational awareness training, the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) has introduced an Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT) course (see pages 26-27) whose faculty includes members of the 197th Infantry Brigade and contract civilian instructors whose experience includes deployments to hot spots here at home and across the globe.
There are now more than 400 experienced situational mentors, all volunteers.
Of particular interest for the present research is the research by Blanchard, Mask, Vallerand, de la Sablonniere, and Provencher (2007; Study 1), which showed that basketball players' situational motivation, measured immediately after two important games of a tournament, predicted their subsequent contextual motivation toward basketball both during the tournament and 10 days later.
There are many, many opportunities to practice situational growing in the grand scheme of things, but also in the small scheme as well.
At the heart of our philosophy is what we refer to as situational lending, a school of thought at the opposite end of the spectrum from conservative lending institutions that are bogged down in bureaucratic restrictions and requirements.
This same capability, provided by the Defense Support Program (DSP) gave us situational awareness during North Korea's recent missile tests.
Instead of taking batting practice in groups before the game, as the JetHawks usually do, Butler split the team's 12 position players into two groups and had them play a game involving situational hitting - by far the team's most glaring weakness to start the Single-A California League season.

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