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sit-to-stand (STS)

1 in the treatment of balance disorders, a movement in which the base of support is transferred from the seat to the feet. The feet begin to accept the weight first by downward pressure through the heels as the pelvis rolls anteriorly. The weight then moves to the front of the feet as the trunk moves forward and the pelvis lifts from the surface.
2 a transfer activity in which a patient moves from sitting to standing.
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The sit-to-stand lift technology had an enormous impact on residents' psyches when it moved into the bathroom.
The sit-to-stand lift is fairly new and is used for residents who are weight-bearing.
The Evolv's redesigned modular base allows various options like the sit-to-stand desk, self-propelled mobility, or the Active Standing Glider to be added at anytime.
Its redesigned modular base allows various options such as the sit-to-stand desk, self-propelled mobility, or the "Active Standing" Glider to be added at any time.
In addition to product information, it also covers the benefits of standing, obtaining funding for standers, and the sit-to-stand method.
The 5000 XL uses a natural sit-to-stand transition that allows larger residents who are unable to stand fully upright to progress toward standing at a comfortable pace.
Liko's new Sabina Comfort is a sit-to-stand healthcare lift fitted with a Liko patented Comfort Vest that grips the patient's upper body for optimum comfort.