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A web-based gene evaluation and genome annotation tool, used to perform manual functional annotation, which can store and view annotation for prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes
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Several bone fragments are well preserved in-situ (in the original place), showing broad and re-curved ribs typical of Sirenians,' it said.
The macrofauna is mainly represented by hexactinellid and lithistid sponges, scleractinian corals, bryozoans, brachiopods, tube-dwelling polychaetes, molluscs (gastropods, bivalves, cephalopods--nautiloids--and scaphopods), arthropods (crab claw fragments), echinoderms (crinoid stalk fragments, plates--ossicles--of asteroids, and spines and test fragments of echinoids), shark teeth, turtle plates, as well as sirenian vertebrae and ribs (Figs.
The Sirenian Singers will be at Machynlleth Music Club on Saturday, November 8, and on Saturday, November 29, when they will be giving their 30th anniversary gala concert at the William Aston Hall, Wrexham.
The soloists will be Oliver Sammons (baritone) and Judith Sammons (violin), both members of the Sirenian Singers.
In 1990 she founded and become musical director of the internationally acclaimed Cantorian Sirenian Singers, an adult mixed voice choir which was the first Welsh choir to win the prestigious Contact EMAIL: Or Daily Choir of the World Competition at Llangollen International Eisteddfod, together with numerous accolades throughout Europe and the UK.
On March 14 the Japanese choir will perform with the Sirenian Singers at the Stiwt Theatre in Rhos, near Wrexham.
For those who enjoy a musical treat during the festive season, why not pop along to a Christmas Concert by the Sirenian Singers under their music director Jean Stanley-Jones?
FLINTSHIRE choir Sirenian Singers have given their first performance at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham.
THE Sirenian Singers' new Christmas CD, Christus Natus has just gone on sale.
THE Sirenian Singers have returned from a successful concert tour of the Berlin and Leipzig areas of Germany.
The Sirenian Singers provided the choir and the soloist was Cecilia Smiga, a finalist in the Welsh Singer of the Year competition.
Tomorrow the Sirenian Singers will perform with Lesley Garrett at the opening concert.