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When Sir Ector beheld the sword he returned again and came to the church, and there they alit all three, and went into the church.
cried the ardent Sir Patrick, pointing toward the house with his cane.
And then they all three cried, Sir Knight, we yield us unto you as man of might matchless.
Pickwick, my dear Sir, excuse me-- I shall be happy to receive any private suggestions of yours, as AMICUS CURIAE, but you must see the impropriety of your interfering with my conduct in this case, with such an AD CAPTANDUM argument as the offer of half a guinea.
Sir Edward looked him up and down, and finding him look exactly as Mr.
It is refreshing to know that you hold my excellent friend, Sir Mulberry, in such high esteem.
Without the numbers, sir, that is my name,' replied the 'prentice.
I will not leave you, Sir William," returned Sir Simon Burley; "and yet, as an old soldier and one who hath seen much of war, I cannot but think that it is an ill thing for four hundred men to find themselves between an army of sixty thousand on the one side and a broad river on the other.
Quoth the Sheriff of Nottingham, "But art thou sure, Sir Prior, that thou hast the lands so safe?
They're gifts, Lizzie--there's her own initials engraved inside the watch--and Catherick has seen her talking privately, and carrying on as no married woman should, with that gentleman in mourning, Sir Percival Glyde.
A very spanking grey in that cab, sir, if you're a judge of horse-flesh.
But William Buffy somehow discovered, contrary to all expectation, that these were not the times when it could be done, and this was the first clear indication Sir Leicester Dedlock had conveyed to him that the country was going to pieces.