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Relating to a sinusoid.
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Relating to a sinusoid.
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(sī′nŭs-oyd) [″ + Gr. eidos, form, shape]
1. Resembling a sinus.
2. A large, permeable capillary, often lined with macrophages, found in organs such as the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and adrenal glands. Their permeability allows cells or large proteins to easily enter or leave the blood.
sinusoidal, adjective
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Caption: Figure 4: Generation of high ER pulses for a high SNR [phi]-OTDR using the nonlinear Kerr effect [20]: (a) schematic of the generation, (b) CW light from laser, (c) sinusoidally modulated signal, (d) signal after pulse modulation, (e) signal after nonlinear Kerr medium, and (f) after filtering the nth order sideband (P(t) in all cases stands for the power of the signal).
The time series SPL data of the actual aeroacoustic noise was measured with only the airfoils operated sinusoidally over [+ or -]15[degrees] and compared with those for quasi-steady predicted SPL (Fig.
3: Instantaneous flyback converter input current (i1), its instantaneous average ([sup.-]i1) over one switching period, and the extended average (i1) over one grid period, also the sinusoidally modulated duty ratio over one-half cycle of a grid period..
In [64], an array of eight 120 mm long and radially oriented nonuniform sinusoidally modulated half-mode microstrip lines has been implemented at 15 GHz, to focus the field at 110 mm from the array surface.
Sprott, "Hyperchaos and hyperchaos control of the sinusoidally forced simplified Lorenz system," Nonlinear Dynamics, vol.
The MMF distribution from (3) remains fixed in space with amplitude that varies sinusoidally at angular frequency [[omega].sub.s], as illustrated in Fig.
3 Special case: sinusoidally varying homogenous spherical distribution of mass
Ventilatory and gas exchange responses to cycling with sinusoidally varying pedal rate.
It is known (Hyndman and Athanasopoulos, 2013) that the process is ARMA(p,0) at p>0 if the ACF drops down exponentially or sinusoidally and the partial autocorrelation function (PACF) has a significant spike at p, and that the process is ARMA(0,q) at q>0 if the PACF drops down exponentially or sinusoidally and the ACF has a significant spike at q.
study numerically localized oscillations in finite mass-spring chains driven sinusoidally at one end with the other end fixed.
Durst, "Development length of sinusoidally pulsating laminar pipe flows in moderate and high Reynolds number regimes," International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol.
In oscillatory shearing in between two parallel disks the shear strain, [gamma], varies sinusoidally with time, t, at a frequency of co, i.e., [gamma] = [[gamma].sup.0] sin([omega]t), where [y.sup.0] is the strain amplitude, i.e., [[gamma].sup.0] = [theta]D/h([theta] is the angular displacement, D is the disk diameter, and h is the gap in between the two disks).