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Relating to a sinusoid.
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Relating to a sinusoid.
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(sī′nŭs-oyd) [″ + Gr. eidos, form, shape]
1. Resembling a sinus.
2. A large, permeable capillary, often lined with macrophages, found in organs such as the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and adrenal glands. Their permeability allows cells or large proteins to easily enter or leave the blood.
sinusoidal, adjective
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Chemotherapy-induced Sinusoidal Injury (CSI) score: a novel histologic assessment of chemotherapy-related hepatic sinusoidal injury in patients with colorectal liver metastasis.
The Trapezoidal projection is much older and was established well before the Sinusoidal and, for the time we are discussing, was only still used in mid-latitude regions.
In this investigation, students are able to determine simple harmonic motion with real-life examples and obtain a graph of the sinusoidal function.
4, b, the sinusoidal buckling force and the helical buckling force in the simulation are 1.05 N and 2.39 N, respectively.
If the load is linear and not changeable in time, then in formula (13) [i.sub.H](t) = 0, and all components of the currents are sinusoidal in the time domain, then the energy processes in the system are completely determined in the basis of symmetric coordinates.
This makes the sinusoidal output voltages meet low total harmonic distortions (THD).
The wavelength and the maximum axial load of the sinusoidal buckling are written as
Caltrans' initial investigations and testing concluded that sinusoidal mumble strips could achieve the design goals of lowering exterior noise levels in the human hearing range and still provide sufficient driver warning.
Each one of the loads are supplied with one sinusoidal and one hundred randomly produced different distorted voltages with 5% value of [THD.sub.V].
LSECs cultured in perfused bioreactor retained expression of the functional marker sinusoidal endothelial 1 (SE-1) and exogenous supportive endothelial growth factors like vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) upto 13 days after seeding.