sinus tract

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Sinus tract

A narrow, elongated channel in the body that allows the escape of fluid.
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si·nus tract

(sīnŭs trakt)
A channel that connects with an abscess or suppurating area.
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Differentiating third and fourth branchial cleft cysts from each other can be difficult due to close proximity, but the relationship of the sinus tract to the superior laryngeal nerve (derived from the 4th branchial arch) surgically is helpful.
The sinus tract usually disappears in 5 to 14 days (9).
16) The most common sign at presentation is pain, and the most common physical finding is joint swelling and/or a draining sinus tract.
The MRI revealed a hemangioma with a dermal sinus tract extending through the posterior elements into the thecal sac and up into her spinal canal.
10) This differed from our case in that the cysts were both intimately associated with the tonsil-one with an external sinus tract and one without.
Extraoral and intraoral examinations should specifically focus on the sinus tract and its relation to muscular attachments.
He had a fluctuant, tender swelling on the right side of the neck with a sinus tract opening onto the skin that was draining purulent material.
4,6) MRI may be complementary to CT to better evaluate small lesions and those associated with sinus tracts.
Key Words: cutaneous sinus tract of odontogenic origin, dental sinus, dentocutaneous fistula, facial sinus
Abstract: A patient who abused cocaine intravenously had an abscess in the groin, which healed to form a sinus tract leading directly to the wall of the femoral vein.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed the diagnosis of a 5-mm nasal dermoid cyst with an enhancing sinus tract into the foramen cecum (figure 1, A).
A failure of the branchial arches to fuse with the epicardial ridge results in a persistent external sinus tract.