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sin·u·a·tri·al (S-A, SA),

Relating to the sinus venosus and the right atrium of the heart.
Synonym(s): sinoatrial
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(SA) (sin'yū-ā'trē-ăl)
Relating to the sinus venosus of the embryo, or the sinus of the venae cavae of the mature heart, and the right atrium.
Synonym(s): sinoatrial.
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Anatomical variations in the human sinuatrial nodal artery.
Sinuatrial nodal artery (SAN): In 21 (70%) hearts the SAN artery arose as the first branch from its right side at a mean distance of 20 mm distal to the origin of the RCA (Fig.
Da ramas para el seno sinuatrial y ramas terminales, la arteria lateral posterior (ALP) y la arteria interventricular posterior (AIVP) tambien llamada descendente posterior.